About this project

What is this website for ?

This website hosts a public instance of the QUIC-Tracker tool.

It is a test suite that exchanges packets with IETF-QUIC implementations to verify whether an implementation conforms with the IETF specification of QUIC. The test suite is consisting of several test scenarii. Each of them aims at testing a particular feature of the QUIC protocol. The test suite runs daily, and its results are available on this website.

A paper that summarise this work and the results that were gathered over a semester has been accepted at CoNEXT EPIQ'18 workshop . A version on arXiv.org is already accessible .

What is the purpose of this effort ?

This work is part of the research efforts of the IP Networking Lab at UCLouvain. Is is partially supported by funding from the Walloon Government (DGO6) within the MQUIC project.

All the code for this website and the tools it runs is available at https://github.com/QUIC-Tracker